Nannies in Toronto and the GTA


Nannies in Toronto and the GTA

At Loving Care Family Services we know that there is nothing more important in this world than our children. Our children’s development mentally, emotionally and physically is at the forefront of how we parent.

At Loving Care Family services we understand and believe in this concept wholeheartedly. When we interview nannies in Toronto and the GTA they are given an in depth in person interview.

Our interview process for Nannies in Toronto and the GTA

  • During the interview process we require identification and status in Canada verification
  • We inquire about their work experience
  • We inquire about their education
  • We inquire about their certifications
  • We test their level of English
  • We test their comprehension skills

After the interview process we check the nannies work references. After a thorough investigation of the nanny’s skill set and proficiency we then decide if Loving Care Family Services will represent them and include them on our team of nannies in Toronto and the GTA.

We do not take the above process lightly. We only hire experienced and highly referenced nannies in Toronto and the GTA as part of our team. This is because our nannies in Toronto and the GTA represent Loving Care Family Services and in a sense are the faces of our company.

Loving Care Family Services Qualifications for Nannies in Toronto and the GTA

  • Minimum of two years relevant experience in the nanny service industry
  • At least two Canadian reference
  • Education equivalent to Canadian high school
  • Additional certificates and references an asset
  • Full reference check

Most of our nannies in Toronto and the GTA come from the Philippines; however we do have nannies from within Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. If you have a specific language requirement please let us know and we will do our best to meet your request.

Loving Care Family Services is here to listen to you. Only you know your family best. We will help you evaluate your needs and accommodate your request in the best way possible.  We will prescreen all nannies in Toronto and the GTA and select suitable ones to minimize the number of people you meet. We appreciate that your time is valuable. We will advise on selection of nannies and caregivers, if needed and offer advice based on our experience. We offer ongoing support and guidance. The bottom line is that we know how important your family is and we're here to help! Call us with all your nanny service needs in Toronto and the GTA.